Writing Coaching & Editing


Do you need someone to help keep you accountable for getting your writing project out in the world? Or help with writing or editing? Have the big ideas and pieces of the puzzle but need a boost to put it all together?

I engage a unique intuitive process that often includes guided visualization and interacting with the essence of your project to get to the heart of what needs to happen next.

I love to use my academic, organizational, small business, and writing chops to help others on a passionate writing mission--creating, holding, or lighting a fire under the creative cauldron. My background is rich in academic experience and writing endeavors, and I'm one of those rare big-picture + small details folks who can feed that fire with what's needed once you've got the spark. From tiny twigs to the big logs that keep it burning all night, I am available to tend: I can put my myriad of mad skills to use assisting your passion projects.

Essence, structure, editing, research, proposal writing...  Let's talk.