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Ancestral Lineage Healing Full Day Workshop in Bend, OR

  • Hawthorn Healing Arts Center 39 Northwest Louisiana Avenue Bend, OR, 97701 United States (map)

Everyone can work with their own human ancestors for healing, belonging, support, clarity of purpose, and to transform intergenerational trauma.

Whether you know about it consciously or not, you, as a person, are in direct relationship with your ancestors already. For some, this relationship can be draining and can keep a person stuck in intergenerational cycles of pain. It's beneficial in so many ways to make the relationship conscious and transform it toward healing and support. That is entirely possible!

In this full day workshop, we will learn about ancestral healing, and dive right into experiential practice in instigating healing and understanding. Looking at our ancestral heritages through the modality of guided visualizing or using our inner senses, we will safely experience our ancestors in the present, and learn how they are impacting us. Beginning with an assessment of the level of ancestral wellness currently in play with four primary blood lineages, we will move into establish healthy connection and relationship with a vibrant guide in a particular lineage, learn more about the gifts and strengths running through this lineage, and begin healing work.

Participants will learn:

·      The Ancestral Lineage Healing cycle as developed by Dr. Daniel Foor and codified in his book, Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing

·      How to work with an ancestral alter and offering practice for safely connecting and healing with ancestors

·      How to practice discernment and develop inner skills of imaginal or meditative knowledge-seeking

·      Ways of continuing to practice connection and healing with ancestors

There are no prerequisites for this workshop, other than coming with an open mind and the willingness to delve into personal work. As this methodology is practiced through using your inner senses and creative mind, no prior knowledge of family history is necessary. Experience with meditation or "shamanic work" can be beneficial, although not required--we are tapping into natural human abilities and ways of perceiving, so even beginners will find benefit. There will be ample opportunities for sharing and questions as we learn within the supportive group setting. 

Cost is $80, pre-registration is required, below:

If cost is an obstacle, or if you have any other questions, please get in touch.