Watch my recent video interview with emotions coach Jenna "Love Bubble" LaMere on dreaming and consciousness, above. I really go off about dreaming!

Ah, dreaming. We dream madcap adventures or other times and places or the nonexistent  or mundane actions or shapes or abstract ephemeral fantasies or horror shows every night and sometimes we remember, sometimes we don't. Imbedded in our experiences of life, dreaming happens; its undeniable. What does it mean? What potentials are there in dreaming? How can you tap into your dreaming life for guidance, creativity, psychological insights? Communication with yourself and others? Explore lucid dreaming? 

I work with dreaming from a curious and reverent perspective, and encourage clients to cultivate their own relationships with dreams. Coming to the table as a college dream professor, I'm armed with a slough of facts and methods, but I follow an intuitive, open approach that often includes dream re-entry, somatic dreamwork, and active imagination.